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Use MeasureInfluence to find out which keywords will be the most
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How we collect and analyze e-commerce social data

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Find out which keywords are
engaging Chinese customers


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Keywords by topic, category, attribute, and hashtag

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content are popular now?

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benefits are getting the
most response in China

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event keywords?

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Use social influencers in China and make the most of your marketing budget

Chinese influencers (also known as wanghong) drive sales through their social fanbase.

Now you can see how influencers are performing for specific keywords and hashtags. Track their engagement metrics by keyword and brand. So you see which influencer works best for your campaigns.

Learn how MeasureChina has helped companies
make more profitable decisions, faster

How Dr. Jart+ uses real time data to
develop relevant product lines

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social influence by keyword

Gain valuable insight into how keywords perform by:
- Total sales revenue vs social engagement
- Revenue and engagement by brand
- Engagement metrics by influencer

Chinese brands understand how influence sells.
Now global brands can do the same.

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Currently, seven of the top ten Korean cosmetics brands sold in China are using
MeasureChina. These include AmorePacific, LG Household & Healthcare,
Mediheal, Nature Republic, and Dr. Jart+.

Global FMCG brands like Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, and Kimberly Clark Korea use
and trust MeasureChina to develop smarter strategies

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