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3-Minute Beauty Trends

The Booming Sunscreen Brands in China

Apr 2021
China eCommerce Trend: "sensitive skin" and "clean beauty" suncare cosmetics brands are growing rapidly in China as consumers are more aware of the importance of anti sun-aging. How do brands market their hero products and what do social media say about them?
3-Minute Beauty Trends

Cleansing Oil Grow Rapidly on China e-Commerce

Mar 2021
China Beauty Trend: Cleansing Oil Close to Double Revenue on China eCommerce. Consumers show more interests in cosmetics ingredients gentle to their skins while excellent at removing cosmetics products.
3-Minute Beauty Trends

Tmall Super Brand Day: A Brand’s Exclusive 11.11

Mar 2021
The 11.11 Singles’ Day is by all means the largest shopping festival, while Tmall’s Super Brand Day is a “Singles’ Day” just focusing on one brand. How do cosmetic brands utilise “Super Brand Day” to stand themselves out and stay relevant in an ever more competitive commerce market?
3-Minute Beauty Trends

The Best-Selling U.S. Brand in the Oriental Herbal Skincare Market

Mar 2021
Many brands use extracts from oriental herbs in their products, and reishi (灵芝; Lingzhi) is one of the rare and expensive herbs. An American beauty brand is leading the market in reishi skincare products. How does it gain its market dominance?
3-Minute Beauty Trends

Consumer Preference for Lipstick Finish Changed Despite Covid-19

Mar 2021
The lip colour market is an interesting yet difficult market to analyse due to its countless shade and finish combinations. Chinese consumers were changing their preferences for lipstick finishes before the Covid-19 outbreak and the global health crisis accelerated this trend until today.
3-Minute Beauty Trends

The Expanding Non-Sheet Mask Category in China

Mar 2021
Due to a health crisis in 2020, Chinese consumers gave more attention to skincare and the face masks market continued to grow in the world’s second largest economy. However, consumer tastes and preference for the types of face masks have changed and non-sheet masks are taking a larger slice of the pie.
3-Minute Beauty Trends

The Rising Ingredient Combination Skincare Routine in China

Mar 2021
Chinese beauty consumers have moved on from being “ingredient geeks” (“成分党“) to studying different combinations of skincare ingredients in for benefits maximisation. With increasing discussion on social media, Chinese local and global brands have started to develop products and product sets matching those combination keywords.
3-Minute Beauty Trends

Chinese Brand: Essence Revenue Grew 5000%+ in 2020

Feb 2021
China’s essence market on Taobao and Tmall totaled more than 24 billion RMB in 2020. Chinese local beauty brands showed astonishing growth in the essence category in 2020, overtaking some well-established global beauty brands in China. Who are they, and how did they manage to grow so rapidly?
Quarterly Industry Reports

2019 Q4 Skincare Market Review

100 pages, Jan 2020
The skin care sector on Tmall/Taobao distribution channels recorded an average monthly growth (12-CMGR) of 8.1% during 2019, showing a steady growth. The market share of the skin care sector in the entire beauty market is 67.5%.
Quarterly Industry Reports

2019 Q2 Skincare Market Review

100 pages, Aug 2019
Over the past six months in the 2019 skincare market, the monthly average growth rate has steadily grown 10.9% (6-CMGR), and this has led the growth of the entire cosmetics market. The monthly average growth rate during Q2 (3-CMGR) was 11.9%. June, which included the mid-year
Quarterly Industry Reports

2018 Q4 Skincare Market Review

91 pages, Feb 2019
Q4 skincare market grew by 1.4% QoQ, which is very low in growth rate compared to a 25% growth rate in the entire beauty market. Overall, it seems like the reduction of growth rate due to the drop of the average sales price as the consumption expanded to mass skincare market from luxury skincare market rather than the reduction of sales amount.
Quarterly Industry Reports

2018 Q3 Makeup Market Review

98 pages, Nov 2018
Q3 makeup market grew 60% QoQ, and its sales surpassed the total beauty market growth rate of 25%. After recording the best sales in August with the skincare market, it slowed down in September. Chinese brands has the biggest market share, but the US and European markets,
Quarterly Industry Reports

2018 Q3 Skincare Market Review

59 pages, Nov 2018
Q3's skincare market grew 18% QoQ,lower than the overall beauty market growth rate of 25%, but it has steadily grown. It is characterized by high sales in August and then a stagnant graph because online marketing is particularly affected by such events as #618 and 11.11.