How Dr. Jart+ Uses Real Time Data
For Product Development and Promotion

Dr. Jart+ is a Korean cosmetics company with a global presence. They create premium skincare products that blend ingredient innovation with an artistic design aesthetic. For parent company Have & Be, MeasureChina provides unparalleled access to real-time market data that informs product development and business strategy in China.

On The Search For Real Time Data In China

Yong-Woo Nam, the product director of Have & Be (the parent company behind the Dr. Jart+ brand) is in charge of product strategy, executing launches, and directing consumer-facing content.

In late 2018, the renewal of Dr. Jart’s whitening line didn’t have the expected impact in the Chinese e-commerce market. “Even though we targeted the Chinese market, we developed a business plan based on old information and could not fully meet the changing tastes of the Chinese consumers.” explains Nam.

To keep Dr. Jart’s products performing well, Nam needed more information on China’s quickly changing online cosmetics industry.

"While the importance of China grew, it remained difficult to acquire information about the market"

As Dr. Jart+ expanded globally, the Chinese market quickly became an important source of revenue. With 600+ million people shopping online in China alone, small shifts in consumer opinion led to tectonic shifts in sales.

Other global data companies handled big social data, but no competitor came close to MeasureChina’s real time dashboards and bi-monthly customizable analysis reports.
"My agenda was to discover products popular in the Chinese market in real time."
To keep Dr. Jart’s products in the spotlight, Nam needed to better understand the structure of China’s complex e-commerce market. The ultimate goal? To create products more relevant to Chinese consumers.

Using Data For Marketing Strategy and Positioning

With a multi-faceted growth plan that relies on social keywords, content building, and product range strategy, Dr. Jart+ uses both of MeasureChina’s dashboards (MeasureInfluence and MeasureCommerce) as well as customized bi-monthly reports on current markets.

"It is critical to have an insightful understanding of Chinese consumers for future business development," says Nam. "As awareness precedes purchases, you need to study and analyze keywords that garner attention to create brand awareness and build social content."
"MeasureChina’s data helps us understand the consumers, conduct Voice of Customer research, and accurately interpret our position in the market."

Using Data For Product Development

Global data solutions (primarily based in the West) rely on third party Chinese data companies. This creates an enormous gap in analysis time. On the other hand, solutions based in China operate almost exclusively in Mandarin and tailor only to Chinese companies. MeasureChina provides the rest of the world with access to deep, real time data on Chinese e-commerce.
Dr. Jart+ has been using MeasureChina’s data to specifically aid in product development and strategy. In late 2018, they commissioned a report tailored to moisturizing products. This report informed product ingredient choices for a line of masks and skincare products, especially for Chinese consumers. These products proved to be immensely popular. (We’d love to tell you more, but we also have to protect our clients’ privacy.)
"When facing challenges in product development, the data easily provides a way to move forward."
"MeasureChina’s data helps significantly when we create China-related business plans," explains Nam. "Both our suncare and base makeup portfolios will be renewed in 2020. We’re actively using MeasureChina’s data to set the best strategy - both for product development and marketing on social media."

How Data Gets Used Across Departments

Dr. Jart’s China Division, Total Revenue Team, Global Sales Team, Chinese Marketing Team, and Strategy Team say they use data and reports from MeasureChina to make decisions.
At Have & Be’s headquarters, the product planning team keeps constant tabs on data movements in real time. The entire company has access to the bi-monthly reports with the Chinese Business Division finding the insight particularly helpful for day-to-day decisions and big-picture strategy.
"When we get the report, we take a detailed look at the content and use it to deduce implications for Dr. Jart’s products in the Chinese market."

Informed Business Decisions Make More Profit

Nam regularly leverages data from MeasureChina’s dashboards and specialized reports in discussions across the organization. Now, decisions that used to be made using educated guesswork are made with data-based facts.
"Our competitive advantage is still growing, but thanks to real time data I'm confident we will not fall behind."

Update: Congratulations to our friends at Dr. Jart+ on your acquisition by US beauty giant Estée Lauder in November of 2019.

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